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Early Education A-Team Early Education A-Team

Early Education A-Team


We are committed to assuring that every student is prepared with the skills needed to enter Kindergarten and instilled with a love of learning throughout their life. By beginning with a solid foundation, our students will be prepared to reach important benchmarks throughout their educational career.  

The Early Education A-team conducted an environmental scan and found the following:

  • 60% of students do not meet the Kindergarten entry benchmark in literacy
  • Heat maps have identified areas of need.
  • Results from a survey given to Principals indicate a lack of parental awareness of programs and transportation as roadblocks.


Coming in 2017-2018



Peggy Ondera, Chair, School District U-46

Jennifer Alberts, Co-Chair, YMCA

Jennifer Bueche, Gail Borden Public Library

Anne Houghtaling, Hope Fair Housing

Lisa Jackson, School District U-46

Beth Kohler, School District U-46

Tom Michon, Cubs Bears Radio

Dawn Munson, Elgin Community College

Cherie Murphy, Alignment Collaborative for Education

Brittany Mylott, The Centre of Elgin

Amber Peters, Elgin Partnerships for Early Learning (EPEL)

Erin Rehberg, Sidestreet Studio

Karen Romano, Summit School

Karen Smith, School District U-46

Tiffany Trewartha, School District U-46