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From our Board of Directors to our Alignment Teams, the structure of our organization is built to foster collaboration at every level of engagement.


The Alignment Structure provides varying levels of involvement and leadership, engaging a wide range of stakeholders in different ways.  

This structure also provides sustainability, ensuring broad involvement that insulates the organization from changes in leadership in any one stakeholder group. 



Board of Directors

Alignment Collaborative for Education is governed by a Board of Directors that meets quarterly.  The Board approves our budget and works to secure long-term funding for ACE.  

The Board of Directors includes the Mayor of Elgin, the School District CEO, university and college presidents, non-profit leaders, business leaders and other dedicated area leaders.



Operating Board

Alignment Collaborative for Education Operating Board meets monthly to monitor and approve the progress of the A-Teams.

The Operating Board consists of Chairs and Vice-Chairs of A-Teams, School District administrators, and other non-profit and community leaders supporting public education and children's health.  

This group provides cross-pollination between A-Teams as well as peer accountability.